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Gynae Surgery Module A→V: Vaginal Surgeries 


This course is a compilation of all the abdominal and vaginal surgeries related with Gynaecology which will be helpful to all the students who are pursuing their postgraduation in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, DNB and MRCOG students and practicing gynaecologists.

There are 2 parts in the Module


  • Gynae Surgery Module- A: Abdominal Surgeries

  • Gynae surgery Module -V: Vaginal Surgeries


Key feature:

  • Building the anatomical concept of surgeries

  • Indications, preoperative preparation, instrument, postoperative care and complications in relation to various surgeries has been discussed

  • Video demonstration of procedures

  • Easy language with voice over on the videos

  • High quality videos

  • Feasibility to watch multiple times

  • Regular update on new procedures in the course

  • 45 video lectures


The course starts with the anatomical concept of all the surgeries. In video lectures, first the concept of surgeries has been built with the help of line diagrams and images and then surgeries have been demonstrated with high quality videos and voice overs.

Consolidated lectures at one place with detailed explanation and video demonstration will be helpful to all the subscribers who can rewind, revise and visualize multiple times as per their convenience.

If the subscribers want to build up on obstetric surgeries, surgical instruments and endoscopic equipments and instruments, ergonomics and energy sources, they should be subscribing to course 2,6 and 9 also.

Following lectures have been included in the current module

Gynae Surgery Module- V: V1: Surgical Pelvic anatomy from Vaginal side-1: Pelvic muscles, fascia, ligaments, ATFP, Delancey level of support have been discussed in great detail

V2: Surgical Pelvic anatomy from Vaginal side-2 Pelvic muscles, fascia, ligaments, ATFP, Delancey level of support have been discussed in great detail

V3: Surgical Pelvic anatomy from Vaginal side-3: Pelvic muscles, fascia, ligaments, ATFP, Delancey level of support have been discussed in great detail

V4: POP Q classification -1: Various prolapse classification have been discussed with demonstration of POP Q

V5: POP Q classification -2: POP q has been demonstrated and various examples have been given to understand the concept

V6: Anterior Colporrhaphy: Concept of paravaginal defect and the repair has been given and demonstrated

V7: Mc Call Culdoplasty: Principle of vault suspension and technique has been demonstrated

V 8: Vaginal hysterectomy -1: Steps of vaginal hysterectomy have been explained with the help of images

V9: Vaginal hysterectomy -2: Video demonstration of vaginal hysterectomy with voice over

V10: Posterior Colpoperineorrhaphy: Concept of Posterior repair and video demonstration have been give here

V11: Manchester Repair-1: In this various operations for nulliparous prolapse and the history of manchester operation has been discussed

V12: Manchester Repair-2: Various steps, fothergill stitch and strumdof sutures have been explained in great detail

V13: Manchester Repair-3: video demonstration of surgery have been done wit voice over

V14: Sacrospinous fixation: Principle and technique of sacrospinous fixation has been demonstrated

V15: High uterosacral ligament fixation: Principle and technique of high uterosacral ligament suspension has been demonstrated

V16: Vault prolapse: complete surgery with sacrospinous fixation has been demonstrated

V17: Lefort Colpocleisis: complete surgery has been explained

V18: Vaginoplasty: various techniques of vaginoplasty along with demonstration have been discussed

V19: Urinary incontinence surgeries- 1:  All the urinary continence surgeries have been elaborated with their history

V20: Urinary incontinence surgeries: 2: Principle and technique of midurethral sling surgery has been demonstrated

V21: Urinary incontinence surgeries: 3: Principle and technique of retropubic sling has been discussed

V22: Urinary incontinence surgeries: 4 Burch Colposuspension has been discussed here

V23: Complete perineal tear repair: Principle and technique of compete perineal tear repair has been demonstrated here

V 24: Vaginal Ligation: In this vaginal ligation procedure has been demonstrated

V 25: Bartholin Cyst Surgeries: in this clinical anatomy, marsupialization and enucleation have been discussed and shown

V26: surgeries for TVS and imperforate hymen: In this concept, technique and postoperative care for transverse vaginal septum and imperforate hymen has been discussed

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